Tuesday, August 7, 2012

carly & kurt's WEDDING! [&rexburg]

We had a great few days up in Rexburg for Carly and Kurt's wedding! We stopped and saw Kelsey on the way up. It was the best. Best friends all grown up with best friend babies. We were in heaven. :) We stayed with Joshua the first night and we loved it so much we forgot to take pictures! We love each other and they gave us a smorgasbord of pickled things and beet sandwiches and all sorts of deliciousness. The first few days involved lots of tiling in Carly and Kurt's new place and we went swimming at Monkey Rock! We took Sydney and Margi on a tour of BYU-Idaho but only made it to the gardens. It was great. We also snuck a stop by Snoasis and ohh, was it heaven! The sealing and reception were so beautiful! It was great to be with everyone. They are perfect for each other.