Sunday, March 26, 2017

Prime Mental Real Estate

Prime Mental Real Estate.

Wow. I had absolutely no idea how much prime mental real estate social media was occupying in my brain. Like, the thought literally never crossed my mind. I "quit social media" for so many reasons, but this was a benefit I didn't expect.

My mind feels SIGNIFICANTLY lighter. I feel free-er. Like my mind is sighing in relief and saying "ahhh." As the woman I am, I make things personal. I take things in. I internalize everything I see. I worry about people. I think about them.

There's nothing wrong with that to a point, of course, but I was constantly bombarding myself with the inner workings of hundreds of other people's lives. Lives I couldn't necessarily affect or help or serve at the moment, so I was just filling my mind with so many thoughts. Idle thoughts. They were just running around my heart and head like millions of tiny  toddlers trapped in a fish tank.

I never recognized it but my mind was tired. My mind would be tired anyway from having four little boys within five feet of me all the time, but then add on everyone else's kids and their thoughts and their daily doings and comings and goings and it was just A LOT.

Now that I've freed myself from social media, it's like my mind can relax.

There are some more amazing things that have happened from this. Maybe I'll share those another day. Maybe I'll start blogging more?! The possibilities of what will now take over this newly listed real estate is endless!