Saturday, March 26, 2011

cruisin cuisine

my dear sweet mother and father took us on a cruise for spring break! we went on the celebrity century from miami to roatan, honduras & cozumel, mexico! my dad happened to have meetings in fort lauderdale the weekend before dan's spring break... so it worked out perfectly! dan and i left after his lab and drove until 4:00 in the morning. we made a bed in the back so we would take turns sleeping. and we found out that he and i can comfortably sleep in the backseat of the corolla together. like both of us laying out long ways from window to window. woah! who knew?! i was swimmy-headed for a week after the cruise... it's subsided.

i have too many pictures for one post so i'm going to break it up into categories... figured i'd start out with the FOOD. because everybody knows... when you think of a cruise, you think of, dream of, and fantasize about food. or at least i doo...

this was at subway in everglades city.. cute little alligator town.

he is soo sophisticated.
most quaint and relaxing little aqua cafe. it had the HEALTHIEST food ever.

hot cocoa after a good morning work-out with daddy.

pretty parfait

my mom's favorite was a bagel with cream cheese, capers, and tomatoes. such sophisticated tastebuds.

this is from the healthy cafe if you didn't notice... there are CARROT chunks in that roll.
behind the scenes food tour!
no caption needed

formal night, looking so classy and handsome :)
this was before dan got sea sick and had to spend dinner outside on the deck :(
CUTEST LEMON SORBET i've ever seen. it was a palate cleanser between courses. and delicious at that!
it's the tiniest :) JUAN CARLOS IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!
dan ran off for like, 30 minutes in roatan and i couldn't find him anywhere. finally found him off with this little one eating freshly made banana chips together!
after an amazing snorkeling spree in cozumel! dan was eating a sandwich we had stashed away.
it's mexico tradition. glass bottle... it's just better there.
look at us so cute at dinner. that's me with two entrees. i couldn't decide :)
baked alaska night!!!
CHOCOLATE SORBET... have you ever heard of it? it was literally the richest taste that has ever graced my lips. it tasted like 100% cocoa. no one could handle more than the tiniest taste. words can't describe, but.. rich.

baked alaska was a big production :)

that's the whole baked alaska :)

that's the head chef... in case you couldn't tell ;)

sushi etiquette, rub the sticks together to get the slivers off. doesn't everybody do that?!

dan explaining the ins and outs of sushi to mom, so interested.
BRUNCH!!!!!! oh pleeeeeeeeeease let me go back!!!!!!! my stomach just started to churn.

ohh boy...
caesar salad bar is always my favorite.
ocean view :)
one of my favorite pictures for sure. sigh, it's love.
cutest little swan princess
favorite food picture, hands down. how perfect?!?! it was soooo good!!!!!!!!!!
i think this is what heaven might be like.

so perfect. i love those sweet little foreign people who made this. so talented and humble.

suchi chot.
susssshhhii bar! it was so fun to watch him whip it up right there.
she got shrimp cocktails every night literally. it was her favorite!!
MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!!!!!!! it was sooo sweet to have them all sing to me. i love them.
juan carlos and melwin. they took care of us. :)
this was probably the funniest moment on the whole trip.... this sweet, humble little man was standing up against the wall. we had never seen him or met him before and all the sudden my dad said, "hey, come over here" in a stern voice. i was like, "oh no?! what's he going to say!" all once the man comes over my dad BREAKS OUT IN TO SONG... "doon't leaveee mee lett mee stayyyy," just serenading this man with all his heart... and the sweet little man was completely unphased. just stood there next to him so politely with his hands together. didn't even crack a smile. CLASSIC.
the birthday girl with her birthday treats. spoiled.
classic overeating room service pic. we have one like this from our honey moon cruise and he looks so chubby. it's the best. (yes, we know we went a little overboard. but look! there's fruit...)

bon appetit! i know we did!