Tuesday, October 30, 2012

happy halloveen!!

And here we are at the pumpkin patch at Strawberry Hill! We had a fun morning exploring and lovin' on our cute babies with Meghan and Joslin. :)

It's like he's posing for me. Are all babies this photogenic??

a favorite :)

squinty smile!!!

such a happy little lover

haha... love it.

he was rocking his little heart out in that rocking chair. so cute.

i love to watch him learn.

i love to explore the world with him.

i love to adore him.

i love to kiss him.

i love to hold him.

i love to give him kisses and make him laugh.

look at that face!!!!! he just started that cute little squinty smile.

"i'm gonna get you!!!"

so happy together :)

meghan &joslin. love those sweet girls!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"White Coat Cafe"

The night of Dan's ceremony, we celebrated at the White Coat Cafe! We had reservations, had the whole place to ourselves, and it was invitation only... pretty exclusive. Dr. Dan was the guest of honor. I couldn't get it all ready in time so we had the dinner over a few days. We like to draw out celebrations as long as possible. :)

"Dr Dan"