Thursday, October 11, 2012


President Monson always has the most incredible stories about when he listened to the promptings of the Spirit and something amazing happened. I always think, “I wish something like that would happen to me… or maybe it has and I just didn’t listen so there was no amazing outcome…”

Welll, I got my story today. :)

Jude and I got all bundled and geared up and outside we went to mow the lawn. He hangs out in his stroller and supervises while I do the mowing. I got Jude situated in a good spot, pulled the mower out of the scary (bugs) shed, pulled the started once… failed. And just as I was about to try again I had a feeling I should go lock Jude’s stroller. “Why?” I asked myself… “He’s not going anywhere…” But then I thought “Maybe this is a prompting; I better do it anyways.” I walked up to him and just as soon as I got to the stroller I saw a huge DADDY LONG LEGS scampering his way across the top of his stroller. I hesitated for one millisecond and then I swatted it off with my hand (coughcoughmyglovedhandahem) and SAVED JUDE!!! I was so thrilled and proud and thankful at all once. There is a good chance that nasty long-legged life form would have eventually crawled ONTO JUDE and I would have literally had either a heart or panic attack and I would have been so frazzled and bamboozled I might not have been able to handle the situation very well. And a daddy long legs on my JUDE?!?! That is just unacceptable for so many reasons.

Lesson learned: Heavenly Father is aware of me and my littlest issues. The Holy Ghost is with me and prompts through a little voice that warns me, among many other things. I am so thankful I listened to that voice and even though it didn’t make sense, I did it. And even though I didn’t need to lock the stroller, I needed to go up there to protect Jude from the spider. So don’t try to rationalize whether the prompting makes sense or not. It might not. And it doesn’t matter, we can’t see the big picture! But Heavenly Father can. And luckily, he is on our side, wanting and waiting to help us if we'll just listen.

(he was riding the suitcase express.)