Monday, August 18, 2014

Homemade hemp milk

Jude and I just made our first batch of homemade hemp milk... and let me tell you... it is delicious! I am so excited about it. Jude likes it! Plain hemp milk is good, but I added some frozen mangos and it made it colder and sweeter and THAT is the good stuff. I want to try blueberry hemp milk soon, too. Hemp is one of the new foods we are introducing for it's many health benefits. We will have another EGD come September and if that's clear, we can keep the hemp. If not, we'll pretty much have to start from square one. Let's pray!!!

Having hemp milk will open up soo many doors for us. We can make creamy soups, milkshake/ice cream type concoctions, creamy sauces and dips. Maybe we can even make a type of cereal! We will certainly have more luck baking having a milk to use as opposed to just water. I will certainly try baking something soon with our banana flour and hemp milk! Please share if you have any ideas for us!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My miracle.


They happened in the scriptures. They happened in the times of Jesus. They happened in pioneer days. But do they happen today? In plain old, modern, ordinary today? Sometimes miracles can be rationalized away to a coincidence or just good luck. But sometimes, they are so incredibly miraculous, life-changing, and unexplainable, there is no other word to describe the event but as a miracle. A true miracle, just like in the days of Christ.

I have witnessed a miracle. I have seen a completely miraculous healing first-hand..l with my own eyes. It can not be rationalized. It can not be explained by science. It can not be denied. 

This experience is not mine to share and it is too sacred to be shared here, but I must testify that it occurred. I testify that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that the power of the priesthood is real. 

My life has been forever changed and blessed by my miracle. I will spend my LIFE trying to serve others and do good in my desperate, meager attempt to show my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for this miracle.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Food matters.

Food has kind of taken over my life lately. We are all about it. We are learning to eat more nourishing, healthy foods, whether we like them or not. And we like it. It is extremely satisfying to see Jude gulp up a wholy healthy drink with a smile on his face. Earlier today I made him a juice that consisted of (all organic):

Frozen peaches
Fresh-pressed apple juice
Hemp hearts
Olive oil
Ginger root

We don't have a juicer but we use our Blendtec and it works! It feels good to just drink up many of the healthy things you need for the day in one glass. 

Anyone else gotten into juicing/green smoothies?

I love a good trip to Whole Foods. I went to Wal-Mart the other day while on a road trip and could scarcely find anything to eat/anything I considered real food. My desire to eat chicken, beef, pork, eggs, or milk that is not organic is low. Have you seen Food, Inc? You should! You will understand why I say what I say! Jude's diagnosis has been an ongoing struggle, but it is definitely a blessing in disguise as I have learned so much out of necessity and an incredible desire to help my child. I am grateful that we are going through this with our first so we have been able to make these changes now. I will feed Abraham and our other children very similar to how I feed Jude (with obvious differences, I will feed them raw dairy and many other things Jude can't have... but no wheat or other junky milk products/processed foods). 

We introduced hemp into Jude's diet as the last food in this phase of his food reintroduction. He seems to be tolerating it well as far as we can tell. Let's hope and pray for a clear EGD come September. It's never too early to start praying so please join the forces and start praying for him!

Our visit to Las Vegas has been so nice. We spent a few days here then went to a family reunion in Durango, Colorado for a week. Have you ever been there? It is GORGEOUS beyond gorgeous. 

Jude has been enjoying storytime with Mimi, swimming with Papa, tummy tickles with Tubby, and play time with Abraham. Abraham has been enjoying grabbing everything in sight and putting it in his mouth. Abraham is the most content, pleasant little child on Earth. It's a little ridiculous to tell you the truth. He never complains. He just smiles and laughs and gives big hugs to whoever is holding him.

Summer vaca is treating us well. More to come.