Sunday, June 16, 2013

My dear Daddy

Dan just left work for work and I can't just don't feel right without a tribute to my own Dad on this special day. I have been thinking about the men in my life. Many people are, unfortunately, hurt by men in their lives. I am so blessed to have had nothing but strong men to look to as my own father and my grandfathers. 

My mother's sweet father passed away when I was 14 so I didn't appreciate him the way I would now, but I know he worked hard for his family. He always provided for them in what they needed and they may not have had every luxury but they had a house full of love. I remember his laugh and the way his hugs felt. I remember how they would always be waiting up for us when we pulled into their home in Orem late at night and they would always stand outside and wave until we were no longer in sight as we said goodbye. I think he was just a sweet, humble man who had his priorities right in life and he didn't waste too much time on the things that don't really matter. 

My father's father was truly a patriarch in every sense of the word. He sealed me to my parents and 21 years later sealed me to my husband. He stood strong and faithful in the midst of every trial. He led his posterity in righteousness, just as I imagine the humble strength Moses had as he led the Israelites across the Red Sea. As I knew him through my teenage and college years, I observed his spiritual strength and his unwavering faith. I sat at his feet and received my patriarchal blessing, something I truly treasure. I still think about him often and strive to be a granddaughter he can be proud of who stays true to my temple covenants and takes pride in the name I bear.

My own father. I could type for days and days and only scratch the surface of how I feel. Anyone who knows my dear father can attest to the fact that he is mighty. He is faithful. He is a strength to all those who know him. He is a strength to me every day in my testimony and in my desire to try a little harder and be a little better. I admire everything about him. He makes everything and anything fun. A dull moment is not to be had with my Dad around. He has always made sure I know I am special to him. To this day I will sit in his lap and give him a kiss on his cheek. It has truly been a treasure for me to be able to see him with Jude because I am able to catch a glimpse into the past of how he was with me as a child. So attentive. So loving. Always teaching, always adventuring. My dad takes care of me every day, even from thousands of miles away. I feel like I am always on the receiving end, but I will happily and lovingly take care of him every opportunity I get until one of us goes on to the next life. I like to think I get my passion from my Dad. Any trait I get from him I will gladly take. There are so many qualities I admire in him that I am striving to develop with him as my example.

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Your little daughter thinks you're the greatest. :)

Oh, Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day to the man of my dreams and the hero of Jude's. We are lucky enough to call this hard-working, patient, precious man our very own. He is always by my side in this laughably insane journey of parenthood. He is magical in Jude's eyes... whether its his top from Nicaragua, a firework, or the electric guitar... Only Daddy can do it.

Today Dan woke up to me screaming,"The toilet's flooding!!" with an ample amount of water covering the entire bathroom floor and a frightened, guilty little toddler who just mastered the skill of flushing. We then surprised him with a waterfall of berry applesauce all over his slacks, socks, and shoes in the middle of sacrament meeting. He took it all with a smirk, of course.

Here's to a day celebrating you, Daddy. Thank you for being as patient as pie and cool as a cucumber when it comes to my crazy antics and emotional outbursts. Thank you for being the strong and righteous patriarch in our home. We love YOU... just the way you are! We think you are pretty fantastic.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

This little boy went to the market.

Happy 18 months to the boy of my dreams. This little guy has come into my life, taken over my world, and stolen my heart. I adore his little body and soul more than I could ever illustrate in words and that's okay. Our irreplaceable little bond is special. It's ours!

On our way to the Farmer's Market

A year and a half things to remember:

He's started to try to repeat words for us and will try to say everything we ask him to. He can make almost every noise in "Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?" Every time we read it climbs onto his feet and knocks on the side of the crib during that part.

He loves his books. We probably read ten every day. He sits through even the long ones. We like to rent a big stack from the library every couple weeks to keep things interesting.

He still loooves to nurse. Like crazy. We try to keep it to 3-4 times a day.

He is seriously attached to mama. Major separation anxiety, too. What can I say, we've only been together every single day of his life!

Mama may be his comfort, but Daddy is his favorite to play with. They laugh and laugh until he's red in the face and can laugh no more. They've been playing Hide and Seek and it is soo fun. Daddy hides, Jude seeks.

He is so affectionate and loving. We give countless kisses every day and Daddy taught him big hugs, butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses.

He sleeps from 7:00-7:00 and still gets up once in the night around 3:00 to nurse. He takes about an hour and a half long nap every day around noon (sometimes we even get 2.5 or 3 hours!)

He repeats everything we do. He throws things away for us, puts on deodarant with the lid on, helps with the laundry and dishes, and even kills bugs. (more to come on that later!)

He eats well. He's not picky and his appetite is steadily increasing.

He has almost all his teeth besides a couple molars in the back and boy are they giving him a run for his money.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Southern Style

We had a little photo shoot in our backyard... southern style! I wanted some pictures of us three out in the back as a family, and of course I got too caught up in getting pictures of them and we forgot to get one of us three! Jude looked edibly cute in Kevin's old overalls and Joslin was the perfect little girlfriend to join him. These two are the perfect little pair!

At attempt at a kiss.

And then he helped Daddy wash the car...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a tiny cardigan and creatures that quack.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear old Dad. He is seriously, hands down, without question, putting all others to shame, the most wonderful dad. We have inspiring, Gospel-related talks DAILY that fill my heart with contentment. He shares wonderful stories with me about my ancestors, lessons he has learned from others, and is constantly telling me why and how proud he is of me. He has instilled me with confidence and a love of the Gospel since the day he laid those loving blue eyes on me. I feel humbled to be one of the few on this earth to call him "Daddy." He makes life an adventure. Every story he tells is unforgettable. His memory is bamboozling. He is always warm when I am cold. He is always only a phone call away and always makes me feel the most important. He will talk to me for two minutes and then say, "Hey, honey, I'm in the middle of a meeting, can I call you back?!" It's the best.

I love my dad. That's all. 

Second of all, we had a showing today so we went swimming at a friend's community pool. It was so, so fun and full of summer love. Me and my Jude were just the king and queen of that little pool. We came home and I took a 30+ minute bath (Jude was there, of course), then I shaved, then I showered and washed and conditioned my hair, then I washed my face with my electric scrub brush, then I put on moisturizer, then I felt LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!!! It was completely divine. So all you moms out there... figure out a way to make this happen and you will not regret it. You could even read a good book in the tub, turn on some nice music, or paint your nails! Go girl. Do it. (Bringing your child with you in the tub is not recommended, unless you happen to have a child who will lay on top of you like a blanket (and nurse) for literally thirty-minutes straight without hardly a budge...)

Third (of all?), a few weeks ago Jude put on this adorable little sweater we got from H&M and he looks really adorable and I took a million pictures of him. Then we went to the "Spring Fling" festival thing and it was totally icky so we detoured to the duck pond and enjoyed it thoroughly. 

This is Jude's confused/intrigued face. It. Is. My. Favorite. 

This is how I keep him from running out of the automatic doors at the library. He's a busy bee.

I am so ridiculously in love with these twenty-one pounds.

"Dad, don't give the ducks all my SNACKS!!!!"

We smother him.