Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a tiny cardigan and creatures that quack.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear old Dad. He is seriously, hands down, without question, putting all others to shame, the most wonderful dad. We have inspiring, Gospel-related talks DAILY that fill my heart with contentment. He shares wonderful stories with me about my ancestors, lessons he has learned from others, and is constantly telling me why and how proud he is of me. He has instilled me with confidence and a love of the Gospel since the day he laid those loving blue eyes on me. I feel humbled to be one of the few on this earth to call him "Daddy." He makes life an adventure. Every story he tells is unforgettable. His memory is bamboozling. He is always warm when I am cold. He is always only a phone call away and always makes me feel the most important. He will talk to me for two minutes and then say, "Hey, honey, I'm in the middle of a meeting, can I call you back?!" It's the best.

I love my dad. That's all. 

Second of all, we had a showing today so we went swimming at a friend's community pool. It was so, so fun and full of summer love. Me and my Jude were just the king and queen of that little pool. We came home and I took a 30+ minute bath (Jude was there, of course), then I shaved, then I showered and washed and conditioned my hair, then I washed my face with my electric scrub brush, then I put on moisturizer, then I felt LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!!! It was completely divine. So all you moms out there... figure out a way to make this happen and you will not regret it. You could even read a good book in the tub, turn on some nice music, or paint your nails! Go girl. Do it. (Bringing your child with you in the tub is not recommended, unless you happen to have a child who will lay on top of you like a blanket (and nurse) for literally thirty-minutes straight without hardly a budge...)

Third (of all?), a few weeks ago Jude put on this adorable little sweater we got from H&M and he looks really adorable and I took a million pictures of him. Then we went to the "Spring Fling" festival thing and it was totally icky so we detoured to the duck pond and enjoyed it thoroughly. 

This is Jude's confused/intrigued face. It. Is. My. Favorite. 

This is how I keep him from running out of the automatic doors at the library. He's a busy bee.

I am so ridiculously in love with these twenty-one pounds.

"Dad, don't give the ducks all my SNACKS!!!!"

We smother him.