Saturday, March 14, 2015


Spring Break is coming to a bitter end. As devastating as it is, it means we are one step closer to finishing this brutal second year of Optometry School. Rumor has it that it gets easier from here and we may be seeing a little more of the man of the house! 

Jude is overcoming another scary bout with Croup but is coming off victorious this time and has beat it off within a couple days. We are so incredibly PUMPED he is overcoming it and grateful for the prayers uttered on his behalf, the priesthood blessing he received, and his miraculous recovery! (and Albuterol breathing treatments like crazy)

The weather has been perfect these last couple days so we decided to take the boys to Hardberger Park and Salado Creek Trail on a walk. It was beautiful. It was just... ahh, a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively! 

Abraham was pointing at everything and we found out he is double jointed in his index finger. I'm not surprised. He's perfect! One of his many gifts. ;) We saw about 20 deer, a few ground squirrels, a hawk, and lots of other little critters. Jude and I went on a little deer chase and got pretty close before they all flipped their white tails up at us and pranced away. Jude and Dan took the last little ways home through the woods and had fun. Jude rode on Dans shoulders for a few minutes and then said, "This is kind of weird, Daddy. I wanna get down." He's so funny. 

Jude was so exhausted after a long day with no nap and still being sick, but he had his heart set on playing in the dirt so he did for a few minutes at the end. 

We just look at these two little boys and stand in awe of how incredible they are. We just love them so much.