Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mouse in the house.

so we're just organizing the house/watching
animal planet about rats &creepy crawlies. next thing i know i see a big huge dust mite sweep its way around some boxes.. so then i saw it run into the box of goodies. then i knew it was a MOUSE. so dan got the broom and scared it out of its hole, so after a few minutes of harassing where he thought it was [dan thought i was a little crazy because he hadn't seen it yet] it scurried out onto the tile and dan started ruthlessly WACKING it with the broom! he is a wild man. so i started having full out seizures on the tile and bleeding out of its MOUTH. REALLY. gross. so he scooped it up &took it to the trash can.

so from this we learned:
1. he was living under the sink through a little opening for the pipe. check under your sinks.
2. what mouse poop looks like.
3. that rachael is a real big baby when it comes to rodents.
4. dan is real brave &courageous and protects me.