Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh, Jude.

I can't even begin to tell you how funny you are, jude. You made Daddy and I laugh so much tonight. You were so excited when Daddy asked you if you wanted to go with him to "Bass Pro." You were more than willing to leave Trace's house and were telling everyone where you were going. Daddy told me that you were talking nonstop the entire trip. You guys called it your "date." :) he said you asked "are we there yet?" about fifteen times and you screamed out in joy when you saw Bass Pro Shops.

You were excited to tell me about your trip when you got home. You showed me the fishing line and the worms. I made a funny face when you showed me the words and you said, "they're not scary, though, Mom. They're nice. They're sleeping. They're nice to each other in there." 

It's always a process with you goingn BM at night. We usually sit there in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes (usually much longer) while I try to coax you to "push your BM out." After you (finally) went tonight, I got a quarter, nickel, and dime for you to feed your "potty pig." The penny for the potty, the quarter for the BM, and the dime was the extra special one because you didn't want to go but you were brave and you were a big boy and you went (with no squeezey at all!). So you put the penny in, put the quarter in, and then were so excited to put in the extra special dime. You excitedly grabbed it and it bounced out of your fingers and plopped right into the toilet. You had a look of shock on your face as did I. We just looked at each other for a minute and your look of concern turned into alligator tears as you literally BURST into tears. You were so upset! Daddy came running up because he was worried and after a while we consoled you enough and told you it was okay for the dime to go in the sewer system just this once. You were finally convinced it would be okay and you calmed down. 

You had slept from 1:30-5:00 this afternoon but you were still pooped and ready for bed after your busy evening! 

You are so loving and always tell me you love me, you still want to hold my hand when we walk up and down the stairs,  you give me lots of kisses and hugs every day (probably ten of each just today!). I am one lucky mama.

I saw your little boots lying on there tonight after you and Abraham were in bed and the house was quiet and my heart jumped and I smiled as j thought about how one day I will miss seeing those little turquoise boots lying around the house. I just want to bottle up my 2 4/5ths year old Jude and keep you around forever. Sometimes when j tell you you're my baby you say, "I'm not your baby, I'm a boy!!" To which I say, "you will always be my baby!!" There's no getting around it. I love you forever and ever, hundreds, to the moon and back Jude!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jude says...

I just want to have a recorder on me all day Ainu can always remember the priceless things Jude says. He has the most vivid imagination and the most remarkable memory. That boy keeps me on my toes! 

Calls out to me while sitting in the bathroom yesterday, "this gentleman's wipe?" I walked in to the bathroom and he holding a Kleenex tissue. He then told me he wanted to use a gentleman's wipe (as opposed to plain old toilet paper). I still don't know where he got that!

Later that same night, he called out to me randomly, "You a beautiful Mommy."

Dan was reading scriptures with him a few nights ago and talking about how we need to try to be like Jesus. Jude said, "I not want be like Jesus." Dan asked him why and Jude told him, "I want to be like you, Daddy."

We were all standing in the kitchen we Jude said, "we're so blessed to have our own garden and grow food!"

From the back seat of the car, "Someping's on mine arm. I have stretch marks, Mommy?"

And to never be forgotten... Jude has said to me, literally 40 or 50 times today, "Mommy? I love you." "I love you, Mommy."

This boy!!!!