Friday, November 27, 2009

pre-thanksgiving pump up.

we've been real busy having lots of fun:].

we had a pre-thanksgiving feast with kelly &andrew. we played an INTENSE game of jenga, &had the most DELICIOUS salmon grilled to perfection on cedar planks. not to mention the shrimp &pineapple cabobs, baked potatoes, &glazed carrots:].
thanksgiving morning = turkey bowl. perfect beginning to a perfect day. check that boy out!
he hurt his hand &now it's huge &swollen.

Friday, November 13, 2009

how poor are we?!

dan is extremely stressed about money &yesterday i had to convince him to let us have $20 to spend on each other for christmas presents... it was very disturbing to me that we were even having this conversation. so in order to contribute i signed up to be a babysitter at i hope someone will call me so i can buy a christmas present for my HUSBAND!! my goodness. anyone have any other ideas for a little housewife like me?

we saw joshua james (click &listen!) in concert last weekend & they were AMAZING! they were encored. everyone loved HIM. no surprise:). but we love him the most. he just came out with a new CD, build me this. "in the middle" is my current favorite. &of course "coal war" is our first love.

he had been awake for approximately 30 seconds. we love him a lot.
shout out to mommy for the bessemer thrift store SHOPPING SPREE!! sweater, compliments of.
look at the big california smile:].

Thursday, November 5, 2009

november. goals.

i am sorting my goals by month now. thanks to my most creative &cute friend mikaela.

make pumpkin choco-chip muffins/cookies.
make mom's homemade rolls for thanksgiving dinner.
get a job.
make serious leeway on christmas gifts. [!!!!!!!!]
go hot tubbing.
don't gain that holiday pie/fudge pudge.
finish east of eden.
decorate second bedroom.
picture project for kitchen. [!!!!!]
paper lanterns project.
do lots of service.

dan is officially WORKING! tutoring the sweetest little kindergartens &1st &2nd graders that i love hearing stories about. he's worked the past 3 days. i am adjusting. we've never had to be apart since matrimony hardly besides an occasional fishing trip and i'm just not quite used to it. i need at least five new hobbies for my days at home. ones that cost no money since we are sKRIMPING these days. anyone have any ideas?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

s'more please!

halloween &the week prior was utterly wonderful. it involved trunk or treat [&since i'm the YW leader i felt it was my duty to go trunk-or-treating with them &fulfill my calling]. the missionaries came over &enjoyed some hot 'n' naughties [daddy james' specialty]. we watched V for vendetta. always listening to led zeppelin in the car lately. they are our favorites. we went to hurricane creek with the batteens &the driggers &went fishin' & had a fire. we had tin foil dinners, which were scrumptious! &to my joy &glee... S'MORES!! dan & i probably had 13 between us. still jobless. it's okay. i think we're getting a little too used to it.

this is a sacred circle. no one is allowed is step on it, only the football players after they beat auburn. it was special.

this is the gang. we love each other a little. don't even bother that none of us are prepared for the picture.

should he be a POLITICIAN?? i think i'm a little intrigued by those shining white teeth. we had a press conference. it's no big deal or anything.

so all the members of the UNDEFEATED alabama football team put their hands up &touch the win. it seems to be working.

i think my eyes might be closed. andrew batteen is our friend with the hook-ups &he took us on an awesome campus tour! it was SWEET. we saw everything.

i presumptuously put my forehead right in front of his lips. i love the little kisses:].

we were SO winded by the time we got up here. too BAD we took the elevator &only had to go up one floor. that's the day i got sore for two days from two flights of stairs &realized i should probably start working out.

this is our best friend NASH. we love him so much. he is the most amazing, wonderful 17-year old person.

samson! no big deal how huge this dog is! property of jessica &chris koerner our cutest new friends:].

look at those faces! soo cute. that's elder durocher by the way.

these are our halloween costumes. we are so scary. freedom fighters i think.

halloween night! there was a full moon. and 6 full happy hearts with fishin, tin foil dinners, s'mores, &the most beautiful fall trees in our sweet secret spot.

the tackle box gang. we started a clubbb.