Thursday, July 4, 2013

the barber shop

Haircuts are getting to be a regular occurrence around here. Jude's hair grows about as fast as the dandelions out back... We try to make it fun for him and make it like a little barber shop. Dad, of course, is always the barber on duty. I am the... manager? He likes the electric shavers, scissors are way too boring.

Here are a few tips on how to make it fun to cut your toddlers/child's hair at home... think of all the money you will save over the years! (If you are nervous, don't worry. The worst thing that could happen is nothing that can't be saved by a week or two!)

Still not sold on the whole idea... 

1. Pretend like it's a real Barber Shop. 

Do the signing in, the big cloak, the spray bottle of water, the "payment," the whole bit. 
I'll probably end up making a little, "Daddy's Barber Shop" sign when he's old enough to notice.

2. Let your child watch your husband/other siblings get their hair cut. 

They naturally want to do everything we do and will be excited when it's their turn!

3. Let them pretend cut your hair or a doll's hair. 

This will keep them entertained during the trimming... at least for thirty seconds.

4. Have a little prize at the end/to keep them entertained if needed.

I used our little dairy-free chocolate chips (a big treat for Jude) out of desperation, but I want to find some stickers for next time.

5. Help them feel good about the finished product.

Instilling confidence in my child is something that is very important to me as a mother, and this is no different! (The world is going to make them feel insecure enough, our job at home is to give them confidence and strength to face that world one day!) Praise them, ooh and ahh, let them see how great the look with the final reveal, have them do a little fashion show, try out fun to ways to style it. Make it fun for them! They will look forward to haircuts remembering how good they felt last time!

Dan is the funniest and uses the vacuum to clean up all the hair, including that which is on Jude's head... which is hilarious. It surprisingly doesn't scare Jude, and makes for some pretty rockin' hairstyles.

And don't forget to save a couple locks for the baby book!