Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Sun Delay

Life is so sweet. So fragile. The lessons of life are flooding into my little world faster than I can take them in, but even if I'm only getting little sips out of the flood from the water hose, I'm savoring every drop. This water is incredibly sweet, and pure, and hydrating. I was starving from thirst and I didn't even know it.

My days are filled with the sweetest, purest, most irreplaceable moments and I'm trying to learn to truly savor them. The distractions of our technology-obsessed culture can be devastating to families and relationships and happiness. I don't want those meaningless distractions stealing my precious time away. I want my days to be filled with unplanned walks around the neighborhood, last-minute dance parties, Family Home Evenings, primary songs, cuddling in the living room, family meals around the dinner table, hugs and kisses for no reason at all, and simple, enjoyable family outings. 

I'm learning that life is about where you end up, it's about getting there. These last few weeks and months for me I have felt God's love for me through small, easily unnoticeable experiences, and also in unforgettable events. The timing of all my lessons and how much I've needed them makes it clear to me that God is aware of me and that's not even to mention all the humbling lessons and experiences themselves! I'm grateful for all life is teaching me and although I know I'm learning slowly and unsurely, I'm learning!

Friends confiding in me, Jude receiving inspiration, Time Out for Women, General Conference, long talks, little vintage lawn chairs, unplanned photo shoots, the water faucet in the front yard, receiving service, friendly walks and invigorating runs, two big turquoise eyes and two brown ones, hand-written letters, injured dogs, lessons still learning, hearts broken and torn and mending, new running shoes, a motherly visit, a dying, yet life-filled garden, real dates, new running shoes, social media hiatus, a first and a twenty-seventh birthday, Pazookies, an anniversary, a Kiwi dream that died but it still alive, a toddler beach, a life. Four lives that live as one.