Monday, December 31, 2012

bowlers, inc.

The blog book company I use (, sadly, does not do captions. It puts all the text at the beginning, so I have to stop using captions... this frustrates me. We continued our family tradition of a bowling tournament. Mom used her magic to get us a discount rate and away we bowled for two good hours. Krissy surprised us with her pin-hitting capabilities. Jared threw the strongest throws we've ever seen. Dad provided us with the most delectable popcorn& rocked the most fabulous sweater he has most surely had for at least twenty years. Mom enjoyed the biggest, slobberiest kisses from the man of the house. Dan emerged as the outstanding winner of the competition. I came up with a new technique of running around the ball dispenser a few times and getting my jive going and throwing the ball in the same fluid motion (didn't prove to be patent-able). And Jude ate celery and carrots and popcorn and warmed all our hearts with his clapping, kisses, and perfect face. Do you see that profile shot?! I can not handle it. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Springs Preserve &other December adventures.

December was full of fun adventures. We spent a day at the Springs Preserve and saw fun museums, animals, insects, Las Vegas history &paraphernalia, the Springs themselves, and a bird show! It was such a nice day. We also went and saw a fancy display of Christmas lights where my dad's partner at work lives (reminded us of this night!) It was a little cold, I forgot my coat (Jared let me borrow his), and Jude cried the entire car ride... but it was a great night! We went on lots of walks around the golf course (even spotted a wolf once!) and plenty of relaxing at home.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas from the merry Mulder fam :) I made Christmas cards this year... and didn't send them. Maybe I still will. We shall see. Hard copy Christmas cards or not, there is a lot of love over here being sent to you, wherever you are! We are thankful for this time of year to celebrate and remember our Savior, draw close to family, and savor those truly important things in life.

Christmas at home

Christmas was a nice, relaxing day at home. We opened presents, skyped with the Mulder fam, had a delicious meal, and just enjoyed being home. Jude certainly brought the magic back to Christmas. It was so fun to see him open presents and get excited about things. We love our baby, in case I haven't mentioned it... :) We are grateful to our Savior for his life and his miracle birth.

Kris made Mom & Dad a quilt! 

Jude made Christmas magical again :)

Jude gave Grammy a big hug and it made her day, at least :)

Jude loves to climb into boxes.

Dan and I made Jared & Kris some wreaths :)

Christmas dinner in our PJ's was.... delicious!!!

We ate on Grandma James' pewter plates :)

Dan's prize was a yoyo