Saturday, December 15, 2012


he is studying for the optometry admission test, working seasonally at jc penneys with the valley's finest middle aged women.

she is working her booty off... five 12-hour shifts in a row (most i've ever worked, ever!) in different med-surg floors and the emergency room at sunrise hospital...

the other he is walking so much more (from the christmas tree box to dad's chair today!), climbing all over and loving his white wicker chair, playing with his little massage wheel, eating pickles, goat cheese, cauliflower.

we are in las vegas for a little over a month working and preparing for our next phase in life! we are working hard to save up money and grammy has been watching jude during the day while i sleep. we are going to move back to south carolina in january and work on selling the house. dan has one more class to take that is needed for optometry school and we will be doing interviews and applying!