Saturday, December 22, 2012

jude's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE first birthday party!

We celebrated Jude turning one tonight! It was a wonderful evening! It was such a lovely night and a dream come true for me to get together &celebrate our little Jude with loved ones! We had quite a line-up on dinner - coconut chicken, sweet &sour meatballs, lemon pepper pork, grilled shrimp &pineapple kabobs, fruit  &cream cheese dip, &spinach strawberry salad. We had a coloring contest (all the kids had 4 minutes to color a "where the wild things are" coloring page, they all sat in a circle with their paintings around Jude and he picked his favorite- who was the winner!), a monkey pinata, and my favorite activity - Jude digging into his cake!! It was sooo adorable. I was beaming. It didn't take long for him to figure out the present thing. He was quacking in no time! (He quacks when he likes or is excited about something)

beautiful emily and her sweet babes :)

"dad, you gotta try this..."

And here's my favorite part of the party.... Jude came over to me, fed me some cake, then backed up to me, sat on me, then put his arm around me and stood by me for a minute. My heart is his, I tell you! I love this boy!

Jude loves the car track/town (and everything else!) that Grandpa and Grandma Mulder sent him for his birthday! And the best part is, it was Daddy's when he was a little boy!

The one year mark and the party was so special for me. Thank you eternally to my family for working so hard for hours to put this party together! (Kris, I can never thank you enough times for that banner!!!) The love that has grown inside me for my Jude is indescribable. Being his mother brings me massive joy, childlike giddiness, and soothing contentment every single day.