Sunday, December 15, 2013


Two years ago today I realized how much I could love when I saw the face of this little angel. Two years later, I still literally stand in awe every day at how much love I have for him, of his innocence and tender heart, and how much I adore and need him. I tell him every day how perfect he is and that is he my little angel. He is truly my angel. I adore every little thing about him and I am so grateful to be his mother. He has the most special, tender little Spirit, yet he is all boy and always up for an adventure.'

Trains- "choo choo!"
His new "bike"
His stuffed animals "roo roo" and "george"
"Side!" (anything outside)
Walks- "WALK!!" (always said in the most high-pitched, excited voice)
His favorite foods as of earlier today: "sausage, ice, &blue-blues"
His favorite color: "blue!"
And any questions that asks "how many..." the answer is always "TWO!!!" and he holds up both pointer fingers with enthusiasm
He is still a big mama's boy. He always has to check up on where I am and gives me lots of kisses throughout the day.
He loves to play and rough house with his Daddy.
He loves to read books and we usually read the same one every night in a row for a few days.
He goes to sleep happily and willingly for every nap and bedtime.
He loves to be nuzzled in with about eight stuffed animals every time he goes to bed and sometimes he will giggle as we tuck him in.
He is not a big fan of teeth brushing. It's always a fight.
He loves his "boots" and wears them almost every day.
Every time I have him pick his outfit he picks the same old school, adorable, rockin' sweater we got at Goodwill. It makes my heart happy. :)
Any football or ESPN website or really ball game of any kind, Jude will say "TIDE!!!"

He's started saying "happy" over and over again, but only when his heart is really full. He first said in the other night when my parents were in town and we were driving home from the Alamo Cafe. Out of nowhere he just starts saying "appy! happy! happy!" We didn't even know he knew that word! Last night after a really fun night downtown he was getting to bed late. After laying with him for a minute, I asked him if he was ready to go to bed. He said yes so I picked him up and as we were walking over to his crib he started saying "happy! happy! happy..." I couldn't understand him at first and thought he was trying to tell me he needed a certain stuffed animal or needed something, but then I realized he was just trying to tell me he was happy. I nuzzled him close and we talked about how happy he was and that "mama, daddy, mimi, papa" all make him happy. He is my absolute love.

He is just as tender-hearted and wonderful as can be. We absolutely adore him and are grateful every day to be his parents. Another post to come about his birthday party and all his birthday adventures, but for now, I just had to write a tribute to my precious child!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

the Riverwalk at Christmas

The Riverwalk of San Antonio is pretty impressive. And it is taken to a whole new level at Christmastime! They are not afraid to celebrate "Christmas" here, as opposed to the vague and ever-so politically correct "holidays." We made it downtown and saw some real live reindeer, passed by Santa and a concert with real-live fake snow falling from above, and then walked down the Riverwalk. It was packed with festive festivity-goers. There were merchants all up and down the Riverwalk, which left a dangerously small amount of pathway for people to walk by. It amazes me that there is no fence or guardrail of any kind along the Riverwalk! It is literally just a short drop off directly into the water. I wonder how many people fall in every year... 

We chose a good night to go. There was a magical little concert going on with children singing songs about Jesus and boats going by full of people singing Christmas carols. The lights in themselves are a sight to see.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

that day we found out...

... we were going to have another baby!!

Life is so surreal. It just happens. I sometimes forget I'm not twelve anymore when I see the two most precious toddler little eyes staring up at me, saying "mamaaa..." and then I realize another pair of precious eyes will soon be saying the same. It is surreal in a beautiful, magical, unbelievable kind of way.

Jude was obviously pretty skeptical about all the hype over this little white stick with two lines on it... I just had a feeling and took it two weeks early so we knew when I was like, three weeks pregnant. These were taken on May 27... Memorial Day!