Saturday, December 14, 2013

the Riverwalk at Christmas

The Riverwalk of San Antonio is pretty impressive. And it is taken to a whole new level at Christmastime! They are not afraid to celebrate "Christmas" here, as opposed to the vague and ever-so politically correct "holidays." We made it downtown and saw some real live reindeer, passed by Santa and a concert with real-live fake snow falling from above, and then walked down the Riverwalk. It was packed with festive festivity-goers. There were merchants all up and down the Riverwalk, which left a dangerously small amount of pathway for people to walk by. It amazes me that there is no fence or guardrail of any kind along the Riverwalk! It is literally just a short drop off directly into the water. I wonder how many people fall in every year... 

We chose a good night to go. There was a magical little concert going on with children singing songs about Jesus and boats going by full of people singing Christmas carols. The lights in themselves are a sight to see.