Friday, November 13, 2009

how poor are we?!

dan is extremely stressed about money &yesterday i had to convince him to let us have $20 to spend on each other for christmas presents... it was very disturbing to me that we were even having this conversation. so in order to contribute i signed up to be a babysitter at i hope someone will call me so i can buy a christmas present for my HUSBAND!! my goodness. anyone have any other ideas for a little housewife like me?

we saw joshua james (click &listen!) in concert last weekend & they were AMAZING! they were encored. everyone loved HIM. no surprise:). but we love him the most. he just came out with a new CD, build me this. "in the middle" is my current favorite. &of course "coal war" is our first love.

he had been awake for approximately 30 seconds. we love him a lot.
shout out to mommy for the bessemer thrift store SHOPPING SPREE!! sweater, compliments of.
look at the big california smile:].