Thursday, November 5, 2009

november. goals.

i am sorting my goals by month now. thanks to my most creative &cute friend mikaela.

make pumpkin choco-chip muffins/cookies.
make mom's homemade rolls for thanksgiving dinner.
get a job.
make serious leeway on christmas gifts. [!!!!!!!!]
go hot tubbing.
don't gain that holiday pie/fudge pudge.
finish east of eden.
decorate second bedroom.
picture project for kitchen. [!!!!!]
paper lanterns project.
do lots of service.

dan is officially WORKING! tutoring the sweetest little kindergartens &1st &2nd graders that i love hearing stories about. he's worked the past 3 days. i am adjusting. we've never had to be apart since matrimony hardly besides an occasional fishing trip and i'm just not quite used to it. i need at least five new hobbies for my days at home. ones that cost no money since we are sKRIMPING these days. anyone have any ideas?