Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dating & engaged!

Dan wasn't shy in his attempts to win my heart... :)

At my softball game :)

We hitched a ride to Utah with Dan and we went to Warped Tour together... it's where the spark began!

It happened fast from there!

Wishing Dan was with me at Rigby Lake

The fourth of July

Watching the parade

Good ole Porter Park!

Dan came to my graduation from nursing school and supported me!

Wonderful Grandma and Grandpa drove up to be there!

Hannah, Liz, me, and Danielle

Moving out of Carriage House!

Ashley convinced me to invite Dan to come with me to our family reunion.... and he accepted!

It didn't take long and we were head over heels in love!

I visited Dan in Roseville and we had a great week!

Riding the scootie
Dan surprised me and took me to Yosemite for the day.... and proposed under the Bridal Veil waterfall :) 

We spent the next day in San Francisco...

Sharing the big news!

Scootie ride!

And then I went to Jerusalem....

Three and a half long months later, I got home and it was no time before it was like we hadn't missed a beat :)

We enjoyed a cold winter semester in Rexburg before the big day!