Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh, Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day to the man of my dreams and the hero of Jude's. We are lucky enough to call this hard-working, patient, precious man our very own. He is always by my side in this laughably insane journey of parenthood. He is magical in Jude's eyes... whether its his top from Nicaragua, a firework, or the electric guitar... Only Daddy can do it.

Today Dan woke up to me screaming,"The toilet's flooding!!" with an ample amount of water covering the entire bathroom floor and a frightened, guilty little toddler who just mastered the skill of flushing. We then surprised him with a waterfall of berry applesauce all over his slacks, socks, and shoes in the middle of sacrament meeting. He took it all with a smirk, of course.

Here's to a day celebrating you, Daddy. Thank you for being as patient as pie and cool as a cucumber when it comes to my crazy antics and emotional outbursts. Thank you for being the strong and righteous patriarch in our home. We love YOU... just the way you are! We think you are pretty fantastic.

Happy Fathers Day!!!