Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our pretty little house.

We really love our house. We are pretty bummed to be leaving. Why can't we just slide an over-sized spatula under it gently plop it in a nice little neighbor hood in San Antonio?! If only. I will miss driving down the cul-da-sac and seeing our little blue house and the pretty white one next door come into view with a canvas of green behind them. I will miss our big, open living room and the light that bathes it throughout the morning and afternoon. I will miss the windows that line the whole back of the house and the view of the different shades of green in the woods. I will miss the walks with Meghan and Joslin up our street, across Seay Road, and through the Cottages at Turtle Creek. I will miss loosing Dan and finding him out in the creek renovating the dam he built. A few more things will I miss, but this is all I can do tonight!

I don't want to forget a thing about this little place we call home.