Monday, August 18, 2014

Homemade hemp milk

Jude and I just made our first batch of homemade hemp milk... and let me tell you... it is delicious! I am so excited about it. Jude likes it! Plain hemp milk is good, but I added some frozen mangos and it made it colder and sweeter and THAT is the good stuff. I want to try blueberry hemp milk soon, too. Hemp is one of the new foods we are introducing for it's many health benefits. We will have another EGD come September and if that's clear, we can keep the hemp. If not, we'll pretty much have to start from square one. Let's pray!!!

Having hemp milk will open up soo many doors for us. We can make creamy soups, milkshake/ice cream type concoctions, creamy sauces and dips. Maybe we can even make a type of cereal! We will certainly have more luck baking having a milk to use as opposed to just water. I will certainly try baking something soon with our banana flour and hemp milk! Please share if you have any ideas for us!