Monday, September 1, 2014

Somebody, somewhere...

Somebody, somewhere just realized what love is when they saw the face of their tiny little newborn baby for the first time.

Somebody, somewhere just got married to that person they love so much and they can't believe their dream has really come true. 

Somebody, somewhere just plopped on the floor of their first home, surrounded by boxes, and in a surreal state of exhaustion. 

Somebody, somewhere just fell off something really high and broke their leg... but at least they feel alive. 

Somebody, somewhere is skinny dipping in the ocean and feeling small as they look up into a sky full of stars. 

Somebody, somewhere just spent their last moment in this life and is now passing on to the glorious next one and realizing there is so much life yet to be lived. 

Somebody, somewhere is laying in bed with an adoring husband by her side and two incredibly angelic little boys nearby, marveling at how blessed she is and how magnificent life is and how she never wants to forget it.