Monday, September 8, 2014

When allergies get harder.

When your six month old's diet (besides breast milk) consists of 90% egg yolks and your toddler has an anaphylactic allergy to eggs... It's adds a whole new dimension to the allergy game. >> Mom Paranoia <<

The boys and I were sitting down for lunch together today eating avocado, homemade bone broth, and homemade cultured salsa (not Abraham on that one). I poured Jude some broth and told him it's like medicine, that it will help him grow big and strong and help his allergies to get better. (We often talk about how as he gets older, his allergies will get better and there will be more foods he is able to have.)

His eyes lit up and he said, "My allergies get better?!"

I then explained further and tried not to get his hopes up so much... :(

I noticed him thinking and while furrowing his brow he said, "Why me have allergies? I not touch bread...?" (He knows if he touches bread he gets allergies.) He went on, "When I get bigger, I eat bread? When I get bigger I eat bread like Daddy's?"

Heart ---> broken. I almost cried right then and there. (But I kept it together.) When we were first finding out about Jude's allergies, I read a mom somewhere write about how we, as the mother of an allergic child, need to be aware of what kind of attitude we have and how we deal with the allergies. If we complain and carry on and "poor baby" our child, and act all "wo is me/us" about it, then that is how our child is going to act and grow up feeling so bad for themselves. We need to face them in a matter-of-fact manner and just move forward. I try to approach it this way and not act like I feel bad for Jude if he can't have is or that. (Even though of course I do!)

I think this has made a huge impact on how Jude sees his allergies and how we approach it as a family. He has literally never complained about not being able to have something. There are times when he will ask, "I have that?!" and when we say no and explain why, he understands. 

I try my best to have food for him and other things that he CAN have. It is incredibly difficult at times, but it is also a huge blessing that he has never had Goldfish, macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks, Puffs, or any of the other CRAP foods (excuse my French, I'm referring to a reference from the book "Super Nutrition for Babies") America feeds their children. We have learned so much and have completely altered how we eat for the better!

A more detailed update of his progress is coming soon. We are in the middle of lots of big decisions right now!

He really enjoyed his green smoothie this day. "I want strawberries in it. And salad."

"Take picture, Mom!"