Tuesday, September 30, 2014

great news!! it's bed bugs.

I never thought I would be excited to hear that my seven-month old son was covered in bug bites, probably bed bugs. It's funny how life is. When I first noticed the bites and thought it might be bugs, I was horrified, terrified, and guilt-ridden. 

Then I started to wonder. What if it's more? What if it's some external response to an internal problem? (much like eczema) What if he has an autoimmune disease? What if he has a communicable disease? What if he has a horrible disease? Having a child who does have an auto-immune disease and reacts to just about anything makes me a little paranoid, and also aware, that these things do happen. So when we went in to get the opinion of our very well-practiced pediatrician, my heart lept and my sign escaped when I heard her say... 

"Bugs. Definitely bugs."

So besides the fact that it's kind of a nightmare and my husband is leaving town tomorrow for four days leaving me to fight the bugs myself, I'm grateful it's just bugs.

It is kind of a mystery though. He sleeps with me for a couple hours every morning. Wouldn't you think Dan and I would have them too? He has most of them on his back, a few on his abdomen, his feet and hands. Sigh.

And here's a recent picture of the little guy. Can you tell he's my second? With Jude, I took photos of him every day with my nice camera and documented very event that occurred. Abrahams picture is a "selfie" we took to get a free jar of Mayo at Whole Foods. He was still excited about it. :)

Also, he did this completely on his own last week. How come he is so incredibly talented and smart?! Can't help it. He's perfect.