Tuesday, October 30, 2012

happy halloveen!!

And here we are at the pumpkin patch at Strawberry Hill! We had a fun morning exploring and lovin' on our cute babies with Meghan and Joslin. :)

It's like he's posing for me. Are all babies this photogenic??

a favorite :)

squinty smile!!!

such a happy little lover

haha... love it.

he was rocking his little heart out in that rocking chair. so cute.

i love to watch him learn.

i love to explore the world with him.

i love to adore him.

i love to kiss him.

i love to hold him.

i love to give him kisses and make him laugh.

look at that face!!!!! he just started that cute little squinty smile.

"i'm gonna get you!!!"

so happy together :)

meghan &joslin. love those sweet girls!