Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We celebrated Dan's beginning of career in medicine at the


He has worked so hard already. It was only fitting to celebrate his achievements and the "beginning of his career as an osteopathic physician." The ceremony was held at Converse College, an all women's college in the beautiful Twitchell Hall, which was constructed in 1899. Jude and I dropped Dan off and hiked up our two flights of stairs to get to the balcony, where we had a great view and lots of wiggle room. Jude spent the majority of the ceremony climbing up stairs for the first time (concrete ones), crawl running away from me (anywhere and everywhere), yelling and trying to talk to the people across the auditorium, popping his lips together and kicking his legs as he sat on the little ledge and i held on tight, and squirming around as I tried to have him sit on my lap. It was no easy business watchin' that boy.

The medical students processed in with their white coats properly draped on the arms. My eyes welled up with tears when Dan walked out. I was just so proud and happy and thankful for that boy. He took his seat and there were a few speakers. Then the cloaking of the white coats began. I was as prepared as possible for Dan to take his turn. I recruited Stranger #1 to hold Jude and Stranger #2 to videotape. I was in charge of the camera. I flipped it on just as Dan was getting called and #$%&*(*^#WHAT??!?!?!!??!!?#$^(*%^(*#% WHAT>!?!?!?#%*($%*$ j"Aperature priority not blahde blah djfu4587484" is what my camera said and it was frozen and would not let me take a single picture of my hubby being CLOAKED. And since I was so frazzled trying to fix the camera I didn't soak the cloaking as much as I'd like. Thankfully, the school took a picture for me that I need to get. And I have it on video so I can watch it as many times as I'd like. Whenever the black students were called there were the loudest cheers and hoots and hollers. I knew I wanted MY MAN to have the pride hollars so I screamed for him when he got called. But I was so frazzled with the camera I didn't hoot as much as I would have liked to. The Osteopathic Association of South Carolina gave each of the students their own engraved stethoscope, too! (But it's not as nice or as cool as the one Mom gave him :))After the cloakings, they took their seats again and recited the Osteopathic Oath. When it was done we met Dan down on the grass, mingled, and took some pictures. Jude crawled around in the grass and got "awwed" at. :)

We then headed over to VCOM for some hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and drinks. They do everything first class at that school! It was really nice. It was fun to be able to meet some of Dan's friends and teachers. It was a really special day. Jude stole all the students thunder and was the belle of the ball. So many people commented about "the baby in the bow tie" and random people were snapping pictures of (and with) him! It was so much fun. But it was a lot of work keeping him contained at a fancy function in heels... even with two of us!

I am so proud of my husband and how hard he works. It's remarkable to watch him grow and learn. He amazes me with his dedication and I think he amazes himself, too! He continues to have a positive attitude even when it is hard (understatement).

I asked Dan to tell me about the day from his point of view. I asked him after over twelve hours of studying and he was verrry tired... He humored me. :)

"I felt excited and nervous and excited. I was excited because it was one small step for Danny and one large step for my future patients. I was kind of tired." 

(I interjected... "Come on baby, work with me here...")

"I was excited when I got there and saw my friends and everyone else was excited. I was excited when I walked in and saw my beautiful wife and little boy on the upper balcony waving at me and I felt proud and I kept looking back and them and smiling. I felt like, for the first time, I was realizing that my dreams were coming true. It almost felt like graduation, but I realized I was just starting. I was nervous when I got up there. I didn't want to do something stupid and not be able to get my arm in the sleeve or something so I kept looking up at you and I saw some stranger holding Jude. I kept hearing Jude throughout the thing, coughing and stuff. I would say "That's my boy!" and my friends would ask "Is that your son?!" When I was shaking hands with the big wig guy he leaned in and said "Somebody sure loves you" and I said "That's my wife" and he said "Oh, congratulations, that's wonderful, she should be proud." I felt proud. The person who cloaked me was the dean, Dixie Tooke-Rawlins."

Let the pictures begin...

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Thank you, Allison, for getting these pictures!
The moment.
Luckily we found carpeted steps because he was first learning on cement steps... not good. He was rockin them.

Reading the Osteopathic Oath

Dan, Matt, and Scott

Matt's dad was the sweetest. Jude might not have thought so...

Family picture attempt #1

Allison, Scott, and Scott's grandpa Pops

He was sick of pictures and ready for the hors d'oeuvres

Roxy and Dan

VCOM! Gotta love that.

Dan's artistic stylings...

It truly was a memorable and special day.