Thursday, October 18, 2012

more beach...

Jude had crashed before we got to our campsite on Friday night so when he woke up on Saturday morning and saw that we were in a tent... outside... and he was sleeping with his two favorite people!!?!?! He was elated. Thrilled. He turned onto his stomach, sat up, looked around, and got the biggest smile on his face that never went away. We went on a long walk around the campsite and went on lots of different routes [our goal was for Jude to get his morning nap]. We saw a marshland with some world-class crab fishing and thousands of Christmas-light displays (they are getting an early start). It was such an amazing campsite! We stayed at the "primitive" site without electricity or water. The site was really secluded, too. There were a ton of college kids partying on the first night so that was a little annoying at 2:00 in the morning. But we slept pretty good overall!

The stars aligned for Dan on Saturday and when we pulled up to the beach... there were WAVES! He was ecstatic and thrilled and everything else he could possibly be that conveys excitement. I was so happy there were waves for him. He worked so hard in school... he deserved some waves!! We had sushi and chicken salad sandwiches for dinner, searched like crazy for firewood, had s'mores, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. It was the most wonderful weekend. Just what we needed. Jude absolutely loved camping and he loved giving his Dad tons of kisses, almost exclusively. I understand, Jude, I think Dad is the greatest too! The drive home was not bad at all. About three hours and we listened to a session of conference. I think we better start making plans for our next trip....

We had to stroll him backwards on two wheels... you do what you gotta do!

This picture kinda makes me melt.
mmm.. boy!