Tuesday, October 9, 2012

lunch with pops

Our days go from good to great when we meet the daddy for lunch. He has a beautiful pond with a waterfall, bridge, and attractive flora and fauna on his campus so we parked the picnic blanket right on top of a million baby snails (found that out later) and enjoyed the noon hour. I'll admit, Jude was being a little sassy pants that day. He wanted to go off and do his own thing... he wasn't even playing with his DAD!!! That is unheard of. He was just feeling a little sensi and independent. I understand, honey. He took off down that pathway and there was no stopping him!

i probably literally kiss him over 100 times a day. and it's not enough.

Dan's artistic shot. Bet you didn't know he wasn't even behind the camera... that's skill. It's even in focus!

artsy shot #2... LOVE it.

the shoulder ride is always a fave :)

LOVE THOSE BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!