Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank you, Mother, but I'm pretty much grown up...

He's growing and growing. Every day a new adventure. He loves bathtime. And I love how fresh and clean and sweet he is after bathtime. I just nuzzle my face in his soft hair and slowly exhale... my life is good. Look at that big curl? It's my favorite. He has lost a lot of his hair on the sides above his ears and going down from side-lying nursing so much! It's our favorite pasttime 10+ times a day.

Sometimes he plays in the hamper.

And he found the buried treasure under the trash can lid the other day... guess it's time to empty the trash!

He feeds himself now sometimes, too. If he hasn't just had a bath or is already dirty I'll let him feed himself and then we have a big bath playdate afterwards.... because it's messsy!

Is his hair getting wave/curly? Lately I think it might be...

"Mom, I got this..."

(in a British accent...) I declare I am the king of feeding mine own mouth!

I love him more and more every day. Just when I think I have hit a maximum love level, I surpass it. He is sooo much fun and such a little man with his own fun and sassy personality. This baby is perfect.