Wednesday, August 15, 2012

glory of the garDEN!

We are officially gardeners now. When Dan told one of his friends at school he started a garden over the weekend, she said, "My dad likes to garden..." We love it. We are so excited about it. We get all excited like little kids on Christmas when we tend to and talk about our garden. It's grand. Our garden is so much more than a garden. It signifies our goals and dreams and the lifestyle we want. It is so empowering and fulfilling to put in all the work and know something wonderful is going to come from it. We love to be out there together and shovel, weed, degrass, rake, plan, measure, section off, plant, and water. We have broccoli, onions, green onions, snow peas, carrots, cucumbers, and beets in the making. I recommend Smart Gardener, it's a seriously helpful website that plans, maps out, gives you tips, and keeps you reminded of everything you need to do for your garden.

Sweaty and exhausted from getting up at 3:30 to study! But still working his little tushy off.

There she is in all her pre-planted glory.

Those are some workin hands right there!

My mosquito repellant outfit. Don't worry, they will bite you through your pants.


On that note, I decided to mow the lawn last night. We have a very large lawn. Total land is 3/4 of an acre, but some of that is woods. Anywho, I figured I would just mow the back since Dan has always done most of it and I just do it for a few minutes for the fun of it. So I lugged the mower out of the shed, filled it up with gas, started it myself, and started to mow my little heart out with our trusty, loveliest Snapper. I made my way all around the garden and the shed, running after it and doing some sweet 180's. Then I had to let it turn off to make sure there wasn't grass build-up. And I couldn't get it back on. It' s the most difficult muscle work-out for me to pull that cord and start-up the engine. It takes me five tries and then my arm is too tired so I have to either wait ten minutes, say a prayer, or have Dan come turn it on for me. It's so frustrating but I know I'm getting STRONG in these arms! Before long it will be no big deal. I was doin great, up and down the hills... no big deal. I was enjoying myself so much I decided to just do the front and really impress Dan. I did the side, then the other side... it was dark  by the time I got half-way through the front and I was just guessing and hoping I would get it all. The fireflies were keeping me company and I accidentally mowed over a few. I would see them shoot out of the grass blower part! I was dripping in sweat by this time but my energies were high and my will was still strong.

I finished. I was so proud of myself.

Then I cleaned the mower and put it back in the shed.

Then I came inside and Dan was so impressed and it was so worth it, until I realized I was really sick.  Nauseated. Headache. Shaking all over... So I showered and laid down and tried to feel better. An hour later, I still felt horrible. I had tried to drink a little water but it just made me more sick. So I called my mom and she told me I was dehydrated and so I drank some more water. Then I violently threw up about 8 times. All my dinner. Dan scratched my back and held me hair and was the sweetest. IT WAS THE WORST!!! My stomach felt better after. So I laid in bed and fell asleep and that was that.

I need at least two more weeks before I mow the lawn again. And I'll probably take a little break in between!