Friday, August 17, 2012

teefs & sleeps.

Jude has five teeth.


Two bottom (old news).

Two top (cutest buck toofs ever)

And the little one right next to the right middle upper. He loves to be so grown up.


Jude slept or TWELVE hours the past two nights. Without eating once.


6:30pm - 6:30am... hello!!!!!!!?! I'm still in shock. Is that even normal? I don't know what to do with myself. Hopefully this will last.

Big shout outs to Emily Nielson and Marc Weissbluth... woot woot.

&here some snippets from life around here!

carrots... yuck.
dad singing to me... yum.

he was givin himself kisses.

relaxing visit to the elementary school after the park we went to was nonexistant. we still had fun and strolled around the fancy neighborhood by our house on the way home!

my futile attempt at getting a shot of his teeth.

his girlfriend, the neighbors baby. they are the cutest.