Monday, August 6, 2012

cali- day two [SAN DIEGO!]

Day two. We got up early and squoze in a little pew together during Sacrament meeting. We then drove down to Old San Diego and saw all the sites. We walked around the old town square and especially loved the building that used to be where people got married and it was painted pink. Then we headed down to the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center. It is soo great. A must see if you're in SD. I heard they get more referrals than any other visitors center! It's because their so awesome and they have the cutest girls doing the tours and they talk to the pictures. We watched the sweetest, most pleasant, lovely, and tear-jerking video before our tour about families that most definitely struck a cord in every chamber of my heart. They created an interactive tour telling the story of the Mormon Battalion and it is really, really wonderful. At the end they take your picture and then you can pan for gold. It's amazing. We loved it soo much and the Spirit was most certainly present. Then we made our way up the hill and saw some beautiful old houses. Jared made the most wonderful dinner for us with so much love. Then the young cups (couples) took a scroll down Scripps beach and got eaten by sand fleas. It was thoroughly disturbing. It was a lovely day spent in the company of many a loved one.

I know they will love this picture. I just like it.

Dan looks like a cologne model in this picture. Oh yeah.

Sister Wives :)
Jude loved Aunt Krissy's pearls, he was scootin his way around to get them.

Then he got a little tired...

Yes! Got it!

Jared didn't mind spending some time with his little nephew. :)))) "Don't tell anyone, but, I can't wait to get my hands on that BABY!!"

First time eating green beans! What's that? You'd like to see 15 pictures of the event, sure thing.


"Oh, Mom, what are you feeding me?"


Cutest Sister missionary. She thanked me for being so enthusiastic.

Look at that man! 

He loved to eat papa's hair.

No big deal, just panning for gold.