Friday, August 31, 2012

vintage this's &delicious thats.

Lots of lovely vintage goin' on over here at JB drive. My house is turning into a step back in time.

So delightful!

And Jude is getting so big and strong. Standing up, walking across things, even standing up all by myself for a few seconds at a time! He did a crunch and sat up all by himself today, too. He is such a joy.

Our beautiful couch! They are perfect.

Checkin out the garden :) 

Our beautiful varigated ground elder.

Dan needed a little brain break so he whipped up some delicious caramel corn. Sooo good!
Dan fed Jude some prune juice just to have some lovey, sweet, cuddley eye contact moments. It was beyond precious.

Hit up a yard sale this morning and stumbled upon some vintage games. So excited about them!

Jude loves his blood pressure cuff. :) Now he can be just like Daddy.