Friday, August 24, 2012

THE BEST TACOS EN EL MUNDO (in the world...)

Seriously. The best tacos in the world. I say that boldly with no reservation. You want to really impress you friends for dinner, make your husband the happiest ever, or just eat the most delectable meal? Make these. They are the real deal. The kind you would eat if you went down to Mexico and ate off the streets...

You will need:

al pastor pork (must be purchased from a mexican grocery store or carniceria)


rice tortillas (the kind you cook up on the skillet at home)

pineapple chunks



Here goes...

uno. Finely chop the onions into little peices. They are eaten raw. 

dos. Cut the pineapple into chunks.

tres. Wash and cut the cilantro.

quatro. Quarter the limes.

cinco. Cook the meat. It is already marinated to perfection.

seis. Heat up the tortillas.

siete. Compile ingredients onto tortilla.

ocho. Devour.

That blue color is painted on our kitchen wall! And I secured the most gorgeous, could-pass-for-Anthropologie sofa and loveseat that I love. Pictures to come!