Sunday, August 19, 2012

an introduction to sugar

I give Jude frozen ice pops to suck on, unopened obviously. He loves them because they slowly melt and I'm sure they feel good on those teething gums! The other day we were laying out on a blanket. I was reading my book and he was laying next to me quiet as can be just sucking on his ice pop. I was enthralled in my reading and it had been a few minutes since I had heard a peep from him so I looked over and he was blue! He had bit into the ice pop, which was melted, and had blue sugar water all over his mouth, face, and outfit. I'm sure he was loving it. I couldn't help but laugh and say "Judddee!!!" He looked at me with this guilty as charged smirk on his face. It was the funniest. I thought he'd be ruined after that, but luckily he still happily drinks lots of milk. I ran in to get the camera, came back out, and he had travelled all the way down the blanket and moved on to his book.

It stained his skin!

I bought some fresh apples, cooked them, and pureed them in my food mill for Jude's first taste of fruit. He was skeptical.

Dan and I both thought the applesauce was so sweet and he would just have a hay day, but he reacted like he does to everything else. Skepticism and a little gagging. But it's a step in the right direction. We can get him to eat maybe eight spoonfuls on a good day.