Wednesday, August 22, 2012

blessings to the UMPTH degree.

I have no insurance right now and BYU-Idaho requires it so I was going to have to buy really expensive insurance to register for my last semester of school. My mom called me yesterday and out of the blue says, "I got her to waive it for you..."

I replied, "Got who to waive what?"

"Your insurance for school. I talked to Ruth Clark, I don't know if that's President Clark's wife or whatever. But I talked to her and she waived it so you don't have to get insurance anymore."

UMmm... hello!! Thank you! I hadn't even asked my mom to do that. And what a relief. What a blessing.


So I was all scheduled for my last semester of school... a Biostatistics class and two religion classes. I called today to confirm that I was all set up for graduation before I registered....

"Oh, I can substitute this math class you took when you were 17 at community college for the stats class so you don't have to take it...." (I have been trying to do that for years, literally, and they have never been able to.)


"And no, you don't need three religion credits. You only need one."

UmmmmmmMMM... I went from having to take three classes (including stats, yuck) to

one precious little D&C class next semester. My last semester of my undergraduate to be exact.

HELLO! I most certainly call that a blessing.


I was on a walk with my sweet neighbor yesterday morning and I mentioned that we had no food and were living off baked potatoes and quesadillas in our lives of frugality. That night she dropped off a hot casserole dish full of homemade chicken and dumplings on our front porch.

Sweetest. Southern hospitality. What a blessing!


I had my SNAP (food stamps) interview the other day and was all nervous and hopeful hoping we would qualify and the lady I talked to was soo sweet. I would answer her questions and she would say, "Oh, I won't put that... I'll just put this. I want to do everything I can to help you." Then at the end I said, "So, do you think we'll qualify?"

"Oh yeah..." (so nonchalantly). I so appreciate the assistance so I can stay home with my sweet baby. And no, I don't feel embarrassed or shy about it. We are paying thousands of dollars to the government in interest alone for our unsubsidized loans (thank you, Obama), on top of our thousands of thousands of dollars of student loans. The government can pay for my food with a big grin on their insatiable faces.

Oh yeah, back to my point.... that is what I call a blessing!

That's not all.


Dan did good on his test yesterday. He needed it so bad. He deserved it all plus a hundred more times. I love him so much forever.

Oh yeah, one more thing that you must know... Jude is unconstipated as of yesterday. YAY! We were dancing and singing around the kitchen.


The point of it all is that Heavenly Father watches out for me and my little family. Along with every other person on this earth. He is aware of our needs and takes us in the palms of His hands and carries us.

That's a blessing. :)