Friday, August 10, 2012

mondays in the motherhood.

Being a "stay-at-home mom" fascinates me. The term "stay-at-home mom" is most certainly overused and underappreciated, thrown and tossed here to there without any realization of what that means. The lovely thing is that is means something completely different for each mother. My definition of stay-at-home mom is my favorite because it includes Jude, myself, and the occasional husband. It includes lots of loves, cleaning, unpacking, breadmaking, wheat grinding (curse you wheat!), meal making, friend meeting, craigslist, walks, showers, baths, naps, exploring, spatulas, planning, yard work, and ice pops. I'm still wrapping my head around the whole idea. I love the freedom and nonexistence of rules we have. I love to raise our sweet little boy exactly how Dan and I want to and I love that it's so different from so many others. I love this stage of our lives. So much freedom (Dan would disagree), dreams, new everything, and blank canvases (and walls).

Life is good.

I love slimming life down and focusing on the things that matter and bring simple joy. This week I have dipped my toes in grinding whole wheat into flour and making lots of pizza dough and bread. Besides the fact that it gave Jude allergic reactions which was horrible (horrible horrible) it has brought me great satisfaction knowing how much we are saving and that it is healthy for our awesome bodies.

My parents gifted us a wheat grinder and a 50 pound can of wheat for Christmas a couple years ago. What an amazing gift! The other day I wanted a sandwich. We had no bread, so I decided to make some. Then I realized we had no flour, so I made some! It opened my eyes how I no longer need to buy bread or flour. What a lovely realization!