Tuesday, August 7, 2012

cali- day three!

Newport Beach, Balboa Park, and a secret beach Dan showed us in La Jolla. We had the sweetest little sea lion friend pop up and look at us when we were exploring the reef!

San Diego temple

Now there's a real man...

Best Dad ever!!!

my sweet, beautiful mama :)

We saw him get caught. It was so sad. There was a big crowd of people watching and I kept yelling "LET HIM FREE!!!" and everyone was staring at me. 

He was fully shaded in my Dad's hat. 

The Grandpa in the second picture from the beginning gave Jude one of his flags. :)

The lovebirds went for a stroll down the beach. :)

They were a little nervous to get in the water... they couldn't run right in like I did... :)

Grandma and Jude enjoying their photoshoot on the sandy shores.

Go Daddy!

Then back to the airport to drop Jared and Kris off! Dad, Mom, Dan, Jude, and I stayed another night in another place, I forget the name right now...

Overall, another great James family vacation! Can't wait for the next one...