Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my best friend

I love my little best friend, Jude. He is so much fun to be around and it doesn't hurt that he is the most gorgeously adorable little creature ever. 

I love how every time he is on our bed and sees Dan's cowboy hat on the bedpost he gets this big smile and his face and starts bookin' it over to grab it. 

I love how he cuddles up to me like a little kangaroo baby when he's eating. 

I love how he grabs my face and teeth and caresses my skin when he's eating.

I love how he loves to shower with me and gets the biggest smile when the water sprays him in the face.

I love how he chills in his car seat and I know he hates it but he is so patient and just plays with the little strap. 

I love how every stranger in the upstate area stops and carries on a full one-sided conversation with him trying to get him to smile. It always makes me so happy. 

I love how he is all I need (besides my Danny, of course). I could go to any party, outing, or event with just him and be happy. I ask him questions about what he thinks and talk to him like he's an adult (or will talk back) and everyone around always looks at me a little funny. 

I love to give him to make scenes giving him big kisses all over his face and holding him up in the air and confessing my love to him over and over.

I love how he plays with the same "toys" over and over again is always amused (altoid mints, costco coupon book, rocky molasses, baby monitor, vitamin D bottle, Occe, infant head rest for car seat, vitamin bottle with popcorn kernels in it, spartanburg city visitors guide, measuring cups, scott's red frisbee). 

I love when he sees something that interests him and he scurries across the floor so fast and then once he grabs it and sits down and plays so contently. 

I love how when he wants me he crawls over to me and tries to climb up my legs. 

I love how he still loves to breastfeed more than anything at least ten times a day. 

I love how he laughs every time he sees his sweet Daddy and love more than anything when Dan plays the guitar for him.

I love him so much. More and more every day!