Saturday, September 22, 2012


We are potty training in this house. Thanks to this awesome article. It really makes sense. We need to redo how we "potty train" in this society. I guess there is literature out there about this method of potty training, but I'll stick with the 5 step overview that can be read in a few minutes. Definitely a must read!

So, Jude had his first BM (bowel movement) and potty in the toilet the other day. On his nine month birthday to be exact! I could tell he was pushing so I undiapered him, set him on the toilet (that has a really convenient smaller toilet seat that pulls right down and then magnetics back up every time you put the seat down) and away he went. So proud. I sat right in front of him and was holding on to him/hugging him and encouraging him. He is sweetest boy ever to be born. Be proud babe. It's an accomplishment to be proud of!

Bathtime! All is well again.

Friday afternoon we went fishing! Dan took us to Cleveland, SC (population: 1,128). We pulled off of the interstate and we were there. Literally. We passed the restaurants people have out of their RV's, crossed the bridge, and enjoyed the Middle Saluda. Jude played with his blocks as I contained him in our camping chair. He was cuddly and the most precious. He loves being outside... and being outside watching his dad trudge through the water flying a pole around in the air?! Best ever! We waded around since I had my trusty rain boots on and Jude splashed his little heart out. He loved stickin those little fingers and hands in the water!

Playing with his new block toys. CUTIE.

Jude caught his first fish! He helped Dan reel it in. He wanted to catch one his size for his first one. He was so intrigued and was grabbing at it as it was flipping all around.

View across the street...

not pictured to the left... a stroller. my heart worried for that child.

I forgot to get a picture of the F-Mart! Jude and I ventured over to the F-Mart to keep ourselves entertained and the owner talked to us for a while (he talks to everyone).
(these are all condensed versions of our conversations)"What do you do?
Well, I worked as a nurse...
Where'd you work?
A little hospital in Alabama.
You get some medical knowledge while you're there?
My leg hurts, can you make it stop?

"So, why is it called the F-Mart?
Forrester. F-O-double R-E-S-T-E-R. That's my name. I been comin here since I was seven years old and by the time I was 40 I saved up enough money to buy it."  

Earlier this sweet man trudged all the way down the river to find us...

"There some trout up there... I thought you might be able to catch em with your waders and all. Y'all should come up here and see if you can get em."

Off we went. Well, Dan went. Jude and I checked out an antique/live bait store.It was... interesting. We eventually made it back to Dan and his new friend...

"You not from around here, are you? Where you from?
California. I'm going to school out here.
What for?
VCOM. It's a new medical school in Spartanburg?
What you studying?
So what are you going to be?
A doctor...
Oh, I never fished with a doctor before!"

He was the sweetest guy. He was so humble and had no teeth. He was so nice and called me ma'am at least 15 times. He gave us one of his fishes and his stringer and all sorts of good advice. I love that we have been blessed to meet such wonderful, humbling people that we never would have if we wouldn't have moved out here (and it helps that we go on adventures in the backwoods). 

Dan caught his limit! Some real nice trout from 12 to 16 inches! There's a happy man.

I can NOT handle how cute he is in that outfit.
How precious is that face? He was so tired but being such a good sport. 

DINNER!! It was delicious. 

It was a good day. A much needed day!