Friday, September 28, 2012

a skeptical, bamboozled little man

"whatttt isss thattt..............."

"look, mom and dad, i know what you're tryin to do and i'm just not goin for it this time."

"you're holding my hands down to get me to eat now?! this is just not right."


"MOM??!!?! you're just standing there laughing with that camera in your face?! please, do something!!"

He chewed for a minute, then realized he liked it. Then he ate more. That's what he usually does. We have to hold his arms down and shove the food in his mouth, then once he tastes it he will eat a bunch. He is the funniest, cutest ever. Thanks to WIC, we get 32 jars of baby fruits &veggies and 16 jars of meats. I have given him all homemade food to this point, and he wasn't all that interested in it.  While at Walmart picking out our little glass jars, I made several calls to the Gerber Help Line and grilled the dietitians ("Wow, we've never gotten that question before...") until I felt comfortable with their products and now Jude is eating real, live baby food. He really is the Gerber baby now! He is eating better, too. I could never get my purees that pureed, so I think he likes the consistency. I also think he likes all the variation too. Peas with turkey sneaked in and bananas in one meal?! Sweeet.