Monday, September 10, 2012

sunday outings.

Sundays are our days. Our greatest, best, most enjoyable and lovely days. We always enjoy church to the utmost. We've been getting there about 15 minutes early so Jude can eat and then he is soundly asleep in his little pram carrier before church even starts! And since 9:00 is his nap time, he can sleep as long as he pleases. It's much better than we trying to wait until after the Sacrament and Dan or I missing most the rest of the meeting trying to get him to sleep. I am a member of the Relief Society meeting planning committee! So fun. And Dan is now the second counselor in the Young Men's! So he is over the sweet, precious deacons. I love young men. And especially deacons. They are so incredibly adorable. Since Dan doesn't study on Sunday's, it is our day to go on an outings or do something really fun as a family. Yesterday we went to a wildlife nature preserve in Spartanburg. After that, we had a friend over for the most wonderful dinner- pot roast, corn, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, and homemade cake and frosting! That friend we had over is soo nice and we thoroughly enjoyed his company! Oh, we are in the choir so we had choir practice after church and it was also wonderful.

photo compliments of the artistic stylings of dapper dan
I spy with my little eyes... Jude's eye!

After admiring the beaver dam

A bird had the NERVE to drop his droppings on Dan's head. Five minutes later we noticed he also hit our babe! Now that is just taking it too far...