Sunday, September 23, 2012

better out than in.

Jude recently had his nine month birthday, and a few days later he surpassed his in utero time with his out-in-the-world time! You go baby. I think he enjoyed his time in the warm little womb, but it can't hold a candle to everything he has experienced out here! He is the sweetest. I most often call him baby, lover, little Jude, my sweet boy, my love, my little boy, my little one... all names trying to keep him as "mine" and "little" as long as possible. Because he seems to be getting so big! Dan usually calls him "son" and "big Jude" or "my big boy." It's funny how I call him little and Dan calls him big.

Every time I take him anywhere everybody always asks, "Is he always this good?" or "Does he ever cry?" or "What a good baby!" My sentiments exactly. I am with him all day every day so I know his true colors and yes, he is that good. He is a very content baby. He doesn't fuss often, but the most common cause is probably that he is tired or bored. So we will change rooms or go outside and he's happy.

Sleeping has become soo much better. He goes to bed at 6:15-6:45 every night, eats around 2:00 and then gets up around 6:00. Those few hours every night are soo nice for me to be able to do computer stuff and clean and run errands and get things done and I know he is sleeping soundly in his little crib. He even goes to sleep without crying more often than not! It is sooo nice to be able to just set him down in his crib. He rolls over on his side and is happy.

He loves to climb up on everything he can, let go and stand for a minute. He is really getting to be a fast little crawler. He has even stood up a couple times without holding on to anything! He loves Dan so much. Jude will be in the kitchen and he will find Dan in the office and want to play. But when he's sad he still wants his mama. And I love that I am always here for him any and every time he needs or wants me!

He scratches his eyes when he's tired. It's more like clawing; it's the worst!

We go on a walk every morning with our wonderful neighbors, Meghan and Joslin, who we love! We always have so much fun together. Jude is such a good sport. I will put him in his stroller and mow part of the lawn or garden or power-wash the house or weed-wack and he just patiently sits there and observes.

He loves the shower. He will look up towards the water and open his mouth. He loves his little blood pressure cuff. It squirts out air when you squeeze it and he sticks his tongue out and tries to eat the air. He's so funny. Yesterday Jude was nursing and Dan pretended like he was taking over and Jude got fiesty and BIT DAN'S NOSE!! He was protective of his food. It was the best. He keeps everyone at church entertained. He goes with Dan to Young Mens and all the deacons play with him. He will let anyone hold him and be perfectly content as long as he is outside or there is something entertaining going on around him.

He started dancing this past week! If Dan is playing the piano or the guitar he will climb up on something and hold on and bounce up and down and shake his head back and forth. It is our favorite thing ever. He is still pretty selective about his food. The other day he ate avocados mixed in with his rice cereal and peas mixed in. He will eat bananas, honey dew, or pears without being pureed. He has plenty of teeth to bite down... I think he's still at seven.

He is the most precious little sweetheart. We absolutely love him. I am so, sooo thankful that I am his mama, he is my best little friend, and I get to be with him every day... I wouldn't and couldn't have it any other way!