Friday, September 14, 2012


What a wonderful day. It started off wonderful. Then got even better. Then was lovely. And is currently delightful. And so it goes...

God is aware of me and my heart's desires. We are soo blessed. One may ask, "Well that probably would have just happened anyway. How do I know it was God's hand in my life?" or "It's just a coincidence."

There are too many times in my life, an innumerable amount, of times he has taken care of my the way only an all-knowing Heavenly Father could for me to deny it. Only someone who knows my circumstances perfectly, figures me out even when I can't, and knows my future could allow my life to unfold the way it does. Time after time, I am right where I am supposed to be. Things work out better than I ever could have dreamed myself. Because He knows me, and loves me, and loves to bless me. I think about my sweet baby and how I want to love him and make his life wonderful all day long. My Heavenly Father's love for me is even more than that. He is itching to give us so many wonderful things, we just have to do a few things on our own to show him we love him back.

But he blesses us even if we don't do those things. And then we get prideful and think we earned these blessings and we are smart and such a hard-worker, thank goodness. We are silly. We should know better. We should see the way the salmon swim upstream every year and the way a freshly-born child is absolutely and utterly perfect despite so many imperfect circumstances and how we somehow find that person who is the absolute perfect puzzle piece match for us and how we meet the most wonderful friend and the time we need them the most and how we don't get one job that we reallly wanted because there is something so much better around the corner and how we turn a key and we are suddenly moving really fast in a big piece of metal and how we push two buttons and we are chatting with our sweet mother across the United States like we're in the same room and how life is sooo hard sometimes but we look back and are so thankful we went through it... we should see these things and know so clearly that they are all from Heavenly Father. From a loving Heavenly Father who wants us, his "sweet babies" (as I refer to mine) to have joy.

I have the entire universe right here. Sleeping so preciously in his little brown and blue pack & play and studying so diligently in the next room over to provide a bright future for his family. I know my blessings come from God. I know it's hard to remember him in the completely confused and manic world. But I know if we do we will have peace at the end of every day and when we are all alone with nothing but our own thoughts, we know everything will be okay. And we will have that peace that is longed for by so many.

And a few snippets from this delightful day of ours...

always the best posture.
"yes, mother?"

loves. the. shower.

I can't express how happy he makes me. 
He thrills me. 
He makes my breathing heavy and my heart feel like it's way too big for my chest and my eyes squint and blink to hold back the tears just by being him. 
And mine

It's magic.