Friday, September 7, 2012

crawl, sit, stand, walk.

all of the above!

This boy is relentlessly on the move. He is either scooting with his little right leg push, crawling, sitting-intently examining one of his toys, pulling himself up on everything and anything, holding on with one hand, letting go and balancing himself for a moment or two, then plop! back on the ground he goes.

He is crawl-crawling now, coordinating hands with knees and all. I'm so proud of my strong little child. He really is strong. The other day we were all laying in the office and he stood up using Dan to help him stand, he would stand for a second, then fall, and Dan and I would clap and cheer. He did it about 15 more times after that and would wait for the clapping and cheering... he was loving it. :)

He only does it with certain things he's playing with, but he will sit on the tile and scoot his legs and go around and around in circles.

He is my absolute joy. He will be playing on the floor and I'll be doing dishes and our gaze will meet and he will smile at me so big and my heart just swells. Ohhhhh, I love him. I love him. I LOVE HIM.

Whenever we go somewhere people always ask "Is he always this good?" or "Does he ever cry?" He is so easy going and independent. He is perfectly content entertaining himself.

Dan is working so hard in school and I am so proud of him! He is so dedicated. He gets up at 3:00 to study most mornings. I am so thankful for the time we get together during meals, when he gets home, and getting ready for bed and getting him off to school in the morning (that's pretty much it). Even though he is soo busy he is still always interested in what I am doing and is so sweet. He is soo precious to me. I wish I could help him more with his studying, maybe just take one class for him?!

I love my boys.