Monday, January 27, 2014

this guy i married...

Looking back on my blog, I used to write about Dan a lot (my love for him, singing him praises, our first couple years together)... Now I pretty much blog about Jude all the time. Dan might have taken a back seat when it comes to cooking and caring for him. But lately I have fallen in love all over again  and I need to write about it so I never forget.

I found myself a good guy. Like, a really good guy. A loving, patient guy who is always sweet and kind and takes care of his little family like it is an Olympic sport. I am so thankful to have him in my life. Picture a scenario: My pregnant self climbing into bed with my nest of four large pillows... a cup full of ice on my side table which I chew and chew and chew right in his ear... a hypnobabies tape playing loud &clear... and Dan patiently lies there trying to sleep. The most he's ever said is "I'll be glad when you're not pregnant anymore..." And once an exaggerated sigh and his turned the other way.

He loves his little family and when I'm having a tired or emotional day, he takes care of everything and he does it well. Sometimes I tease him and tell him to stop making me look bad and being better at my housewife duties than I am! But of course I am so grateful. Yesterday I was feeling... a little tired. He made me homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast (we're talking biscuits from scratch here) all while keeping the kitchen spotless all throughout the process due to a highly allergic toddler and a paranoid mother in the vicinity). He then encouraged me to go take a nap before church as he watched Jude and got him ready for church. When we got home, he made homemade calzones (dough from scratch again) for dinner that were divine. Not only that, he cleaned up the whole downstairs before our home teacher came while I was sitting in a lawn chair out back with Jude. 

As a father, he does it all. He rocks, he kisses, he cradles, he bathes, he cleans, he cooks (no easy task), he plays. He is such a faithful husband and father. Jude could not adore him more and with good reason. Together, we work on helping our son and coming up with solutions for his health. We have been through so much together and so much for this little guy. Other memories we have together have molded us together and although they may not have been particularly pleasant at the time, I now look back on them with love.

I write this not so anyone will compare because that is a silly and defeating game to play that I know I have been guilty of myself. (It has been said that "comparison is a thief of joy") I write this for myself, so I can always remember and hold close to my heart the wonderful husband I have. I am blessed beyond measure and I want to document my many blessings to help me never forget! I hope I can always treat him with the love, respect, and kindness he deserves. Lets all try to see the good in those we spend our lives with. None of us are perfect but it sure helps to be around people who appreciate you and maybe seeven sing your praises every once in a while. ;) they say "choose your love and love your choice." ... Here's to loving our choices!